Is any NGO eligible to apply?

No. Only those 501(c)3 and 509(a) organizations operating in the Washington DC metropolitan area as defined in the application form, with a minimum of 3 years of constitution.

What if my primary target audience is not the Latino and Caribbean community of the DC area?

We welcome all NGOs to apply. However, the initiative should target the Latino and Caribbean communities of the DC area.

If my organization received the grant last year can we apply again?

Yes you can apply again since the periods of performance do not overlap.

What do you expect from the video?

We do not expect anything high-tech/elaborate. An acceptable video can be shot with ones smartphone. We would just like you to articulate the project in 2 minutes or less showing:
  What challenge in the community your initiative addresses.
  How your initiative has proven the validity of the need. 
  Why your organization’s initiative should be selected.
If 2 organizations are partnering for this competition, will they both receive the funds?

No. Only the leading implementing organization will receive the funds.
If partnering with another eligible organization, can we still apply independently?

Yes, if you are submitting a different initiative, although we highly encourage partnerships.
If we have more than one idea, can we submit more than one application?
Yes. We are evaluating innovative initiatives.
When is the deadline to submit all applications?

May 25th 12pm (EST)

Is there a minimum amount that you will be awarding for each grant?

No. It will be up to a maximum of U$25K, but there will be no minimum.

When will you announce the 10 winners and disburse the funds?

Once we have selected the 10 winning organizations, which will be no later than October 2019.

Will the organizations that applied receive a notification on which organizations were awarded?

Yes. All of you who apply will receive a notification.

Will you be awarding grants to the runner-ups?

No. We will only be awarding 10 organizations.  

Will you require a report from the winning organizations?

Yes. The winning organizations will be required to submit a midterm report on April 30, 2020 on how the grants were used and a final report by October 30th, 2020.

Will there be any budget spending restrictions for the awarded grants?

Yes. Only up to 7% of the total grant budget can be used for administrative costs of the initiative.

How would you define administrative costs for the purpose of the grant?

An administrative cost is defined as an expense that is necessary for the organization to function, but that is not directly tied to the operation-in this case, the proposed initiative.

Are organizations eligible to apply if they have individuals in their leadership who have close family members employed by the IDB?

Individuals who have close family members employed by the IDB are ineligible to apply. This restriction applies to the spouse, to relatives up to the fourth degree of relationship by blood (consanguinity) and by adoption, and up to the second degree of relationship by marriage (affinity). 

 What grants are not supported?

Academic research programs
Individual petitions for scholarships
Individuals applying on their own behalf, including grant requests for travel or studies  

Are the "Last Audited Financial Statements (not older than 3 years) mandatory or may I submit something else if I don't have that?

You may submit your IRS 990 in lieu thereof.

Video: Are you looking for verbal answers to the questions listed? Are we supposed to record the actual initiative or can it be a representation of the initiative? Are we supposed to show our organization's employees in action?

This is entirely up to you. We are leaving it up to our creativity. Yes, we would like to hear about your proposal verbally, but you are welcome to be creative with the way you respond to them. As long as you answer the question in one way or another, you are good to go.

My organization is based in Alexandria, VA. am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, organizations located in Alexandria, VA. are eligible to apply.

For more information, please read the Improving Lives 2019 Guidelines.

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