1. MOCO KIDSCO d.b.a. KID Museum (Invention Studio for Latino Youth)
2. Community Bridges (Community Bridges Girls Program)
3. Identity (Identity’s Alternative Spring Break)
4. Nueva Vida (A Culturally Sensitive Initiative of Cancer Care for Latinos)
5. Latino Student Fund (Academic Success—Multi-Generational Support)
6. La Cocina VA (Career Readiness and Job Placement)
7. ASPIRE Afterschool Learning (Learning ROCKS!)
8. GALA Theater (Paso Nuevo—From the Streets to the Stage)
9. Life Asset (Microloan and Financial Training Program for Low-Income Latino Entrepreneurs)
10. Cultural Academy for Excellence (CAFÉ 2023: Metal, Music, Museum—Bridging the Cultural GAP)

The Challenge

The Inter-American Development Bank  is seeking the 10 most inspiring and creative initiatives that
primarily address the needs of the Latin American and/or Caribbean communities
located in the Washington DC metropolitan area (WDC). 


The Inter-American Development Bank will award 10 nonprofit
organizations with grants of up to US$ 25,000.00 each, subject to the terms and
conditions outlined in the Improving Lives 2018 Guidelines of this competition.
US$ 25,000.00 each
10   nonprofit   organizations
The funds may be used to enhance/expand a recently implemented initiative or as seed capital to implement a new one. Applicants are encouraged to provide cost sharing and/or additional funding in support of the Proposal. There is no minimum or maximum percentage of cost sharing and additional funding required for the Grants. When cost sharing is offered, it is agreed that the applicant must provide the amount of cost sharing in the budget template as stipulated in the Proposal.

NOTE: This area includes the District of Columbia, Maryland (Calvert, Charles, Frederick,Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties) and Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington, Clarke,Culpeper, Fairfax, Prince William and Loudon Counties).



Read the Improving Lives 2018 Guidelines

The Schedule

Launch: March 27th 12 pm (EST)
Deadline for submitting questions: April 25th 12 pm (EST)
Deadline for submitting applications: April 27th 12 pm (EST)
Winners announcement: October 1st 2018
Period of performance: October 2018 to September 2019

For any questions or clarifications with respect to the requirements, the IDB’s contact is listed below and all communication with the IDB shall be directed as follows: IDB Community Relations,

About the IDB Community Relations Program

IDB’s Community Relations Program seeks to improve the Latin America and Caribbean communities’ lives in WDC by supporting our local nonprofit organizations through corporate philanthropy, volunteerism, in-kind donations and fundraising campaigns.

The IDB grant program proposes a comprehensive approach by combining financial assistance and potential pro bono skills-based volunteerism to assist nonprofit organizations in improving the quality of life of the Latin American and/or Caribbean communities in WDC.

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