Applicant must operate in a country of the Americas (if the applicant is an institution).

Applicant’s representative or individual must be a national of any of the IDB member countries. 

Applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Applications must be submitted through this website.

Applications must present a case study in or more of the themes of the Call. Applications must be submitted in any of the four official languages of the IDB (Spanish, French, English or Portuguese).

An abstract of the case study must be submitted with this application.

The abstract should address the following questions: 

· What is the issue / topics that the case study is addressing?
· Can it relate to other countries? Sub regions? Regions?
· What are the tangible results of the case study?  

The deadline to submit applications is August 28th 11:59 PM EST. There will be no extensions.
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